Kenneth F. Abel has been providing consulting engineering and system design & implementation services for a wide range of projects and clients including architects, corporate users & facilities managers, engineers and contractors, both in the private corporate sector and in government, for over 25 years.

Abel Consulting is the realization of a desire to provide the personalized commitment and everyday contact with Principal level resources to all clients, something that can be lacking in larger consulting firms. Mr. Abel personally oversees all projects, calling upon a vast array of design and CAD resources to insure timely response to all issues and on time completion of each project phase. Our engineering staff effectively interfaces with professionals in all disciplines.

The second cornerstone on which this firm is based is that of a strong, cooperative relationship with all of the top contracting firms in this business. The traditional view of contractors held by many consulting firms is that of mere implementers of the consultants will, with nothing more to add but requests for change orders. This is simply not the case. This outdated view generally leads to wasted hours spent arguing over insignificant design points in an effort to prove who is 'Boss'. The contractors in this industry can be a vital and valuable partner if respected and treated as equals. Once a bid is awarded or a design-build is negotiated, Abel Consulting will form a team with all parties, including the chosen contracting firm. This insures a smooth, on-time and in-budget installation.

It is our goal to form a design partnership with our clients, bringing them into the technical world in such a way as to allow them to make informed and intelligent decisions about their facilities.

State-of-the-art instrumentation and computer modeling tools are used to accurately define problems and develop appropriate solutions.

Through our in-house staff and the various design resources available through over 25 years in the acoustical, audio and audiovisual design and consulting industry, Abel Consulting can provide you and your clients with unequaled quality and performance.
  • More than 65 man-years experience in Acoustics
  • More than 45 man-years experience in Audio System Design
  • More than 25 man-years experience in Audiovisual System Design




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