Architectural Acoustics is the study of how sound propagates within a man made structure. Be it a concert hall, house of worship, historical renovation or  office building, the architectural design or renovation of the space will have a significant affect on how sound created in that space, will be perceived. This concept is generally well accepted in the world of concert hall or church design, however, when it comes to the corporate boardroom, conference room or training facility, acoustics is generally an after-thought. The plain truth is that the audio performance of the most sophisticated audio, audiovisual or videoconferencing systems can be rendered second rate due to poor room acoustics.

Although Abel Consulting has a proven record of excellence in all types of architectural acoustic design from theaters, churches and historical renovations to boardrooms and conference centers, our true value lies in correctly matching the acoustics of a particular venue to the audio system design we have created. Because we are expert in both acoustical design and system design, we can offer our clients not only the cost savings that 'one stop shopping' can afford, but a system/venue synergy that often alludes other single service consulting firms.

Architectural Acoustics Projects

Typical Projects

Historical Renovations
Concert Halls
Lecture Halls
Houses of Worship
Conference Rooms
Distance Learning Rooms
Videoconferencing Rooms
HVAC Noise Issues
Office Privacy Issues
Open Plan Office Design
Sound Masking System Design

Computer Modeling
RT60 Prediction & Measurement
STC Prediction & Measurement
Design Review & Recommendations
Performance Venue Design

Space Planning and Design
for Acoustical Issues

HVAC Noise Analysis and
Design Recommendations



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